Travel blogging has become massive in the past few years. It seems any person on holiday with a camera is now a travel blogger of some sort!

I frequently get questions on social media asking for advice on how to become a travel blogger and I realised I don’t have much advice on HOW to start, but rather advice on why NOT to start.

If you’re hoping to become a full time travel blogger then my only advice for starting is JUST START, keep your fingers crossed / work hard and if you’re super lucky it could turn into a sustainable full-time career.

However to make sure your actually passionate and really ready to stick it out here are 3 reasons NOT to be a travel blogger.

1. Because you want the lifestyle

Travelling is amazing, but doing it all the time has some serious draw backs; Its expensive, your away from family/friends, stuff goes wrong all the time, you get sick, you live out of a bag, there is no structure in your life etc etc… the list goes on

Its natural for us sometimes to want to settle somewhere – so staying on the road can be tiring even for those of us who have been at it for years and years.

If your an avid traveler and you think that people would appreciate you sharing your experiences, then jump straight in. However, if your trying to recreate the lifestyle for other reasons it won’t be sustainable and it will come across looking really fake and not at all authentic.

People can always tell if your doing something because you love it or because your just faking it.

Ask yourself ”would I still be doing this even if I wasn’t going to blog about it or take a photo” if the answer is yes then it doesn’t even matter if no one watches it or clicks like, as you were enjoying it anyway!

2. You want free stuff

There is no free stuff!

Everything costs something – whether its getting sent products to try or cheap hotel rooms they will all still cost you. Buuuuut… instead of costing you money directly, most of this stuff needs to be gained through slow investment, both financial and time, mostly a lot of time!

To get discounted or free hotel rooms you need to have something to offer first. This is usually in the form of experience – places you have already traveled to and written about (where you probably paid full price) if your good at it and lucky then maybe this gained you an audience/following (usually over a long period of time).

The same goes for getting products send to try, none of the originally beauty blogger got send stuff for free when they first started their channel. They cashed out a lot of money to start with, with no expectations of getting anything back in return. Some luckily slipped through and gained and audience, and their initial investments of time and money started to be repaid in the form of ”free stuff”.

3. You want the likes / views / comments

Don’t do it for other people! Don’t do Instagram for the likes, don’t do a blog for the readers, don’t do Youtube for the views.

Most of my (few) comments on youtube anyway are actually hate comments haha just check out’s comment on my video below! It even got the most thumbs up.

Do it for yourself. Then again if no one watches it, or reads it or sees it, it really doesn’t matter. More importantly if people do read it / see it and hate it then that really doesn’t matter to you.

I love taking photos and editing videos, I’m not that great at writing or spelling but I enjoy trying. I see them as new skills I’m developing so if they go unnoticed it doesn’t matter as that wasn’t my main intention. Even this website, I didn’t know how to make websites, so I decided to learn and put together something for my CV which became a small blog, if people don’t read it then that’s okay I’m still learning new skills.

So make sure you find something your passionate about and that you would do regardless and write/talk about that. If people listen and like then that’s amazing, a bonus, but if they don’t it doesn’t upset you.



Thanks for reading (if you did haha) if you have any questions then just let me know in a comment below 🙂

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  1. I love reading new posts. They inspire me to look at life, find the positive, live live and to write about it myself. I have to say that I enjoyed your post, it has give me some ideas on what to write next. I want to thank your for that.

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