How cleaning up our societies can clean up our environment

Social issues and climate change are deeply intertwined and by improving one we can improve the other.  In turn, poor environmental conditions can also worsen social issues, therefore being both a virtuous but also vicious circle.

Currently, in Hong Kong, 1.3 million people live in poverty, almost half a million of which are over 65. There are massive inequalities, poor social services and the recent political unrest.  However, by addressing these issues we can actually help our fight against global warming.

Societies who face severe uncertainties in their immediate future are far less likely to be concerned with intergenerational issues such as climate change. Additionally, impoverished societies lack the time, education or finical resources to source and buy clean energy, plastic-free goods and organic healthy food. 

By fixing these underlying issues in inequalities, education, poverty, basic human rights and quality of life, we can also fix many of our environmental issues.

Let’s not forget that it’s a privilege to be concerned about the future, a privilege that a lot of people do not have when they are trying to just survive today. 

To have more people care about climate change we need to improve their lives to a point where they can actually look past tomorrows worries. 

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