Chatting with Soneva Resort in the Maldives about how to balance luxury and sustainability. Thank you so much to Arnfinn and Soneva for their time and I hope you find the conversation as interesting as I did!


00:00 Introduction
02:04 Within the tourism sector what are the biggest problems you are trying to solve?
02:45 How can we justify travelling, what are the positives side effects of travelling?
03:31 How do you avoid greenwashing and how do you classify Soneva as sustainable? (includes their waste to wealth program)
06:52 How do you balance sustainability and luxury?
09:01 How do you measure your efforts towards sustainability and hold yourselves accountable?
11:04 Compared to other resorts are you making more progress in these areas?
12:02 Do you feel that customers are becoming pickier about where they stay?
13:40 What changes would you like to see happen in the tourism industry in the future?

Sustainability at Soneva:

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