So with gastroparesis, there are a lot of foods we can’t eat, but over the years I have struggled with it I found there are still a lot of really healthy tasty things we can have in our lives.

Foods I do still avoid are raw uncooked veggies, all green veggies unless juiced or blended, fruit with skins or seeds and tough gristly meats.

I also avoid crappy processed white bread, apple sauce and all the other rubbish doctors seem to recommend to us!!

So here’s my top list of holy grail foods that I love for gastroparesis and that keep me fit, healthy and full of energy.

Note: I don’t recommend too many carbohydrates here as I follow a Ketogenic diet if you’re interested in knowing why then ill be doing a blog post soon!


I’ve eaten so many avocados in the past I almost went off them haha! But they have got to be one of the best things for us out there. Loaded with healthy fats, tons of potassium to help with nerve impulses and blood pressure. Add them to smoothies, have them alone with some balsamic vinegar or, my favourite, guacamole!


When my stomach was really bad I went through a phase of just eating raw eggs. Every day I would quickly drink 3 – 4 raw eggs in the morning. It put my mind at ease knowing I was getting a good dose of healthy fats, protein and also vital vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays I like to hard boil them and make egg mayonnaise to have on the side. I still find fried and scrambled eggs a bit tricky sometimes, but they are still on my holy grail list as there are so many other ways to eat them, I love them poached!

Frozen Spinach

Frozen spinach is great as you get so much compacted into little pellets you can easily mix into a smoothie. Spinach is loaded with tons of important micronutrients we can easily miss out on as leafy greens are one of the most difficult things to eat.

Coconut Oil, Cream & Yogurt

Fats, fats, fats! DO NOT AVOID THEM. So many of the blogs I see about gastroparesis, people have been told by doctors to avoid fats!

I have found hard fats on meat sometimes difficult but healthy soluble fats and oils are so important to stay healthy and feeling good. A really easy way of getting more is through some fantastic plant fats like coconut oil, coconut cream and even coconut yoghurt. I add these to meals and smoothies, I even add them to my coffee or tea. Fats are so important for energy, keeping our heart healthy and also fantastic for our skin and hair. Plus all our basic hormones are built on the backbones of fats, so please make sure you are keeping plenty of them in your diet!

Fish & Seafood

Fish is a really easy to digest protein, you might need to shop around and find which fish works best for you. I found that scallops and prawns are usually okay. I also just discovered how good tinned sardines are! Just add some lemon and salt… yum!

Sardines have to be one of the best foods out there for gastroparesis. They are soft to eat, they come in a tin and so can easily travel with them. Plus they are LOADED with so many of the nutrients we miss out on. Have a look at these numbers!!

Sardines Nutritional Data per Cup


Berries are a great way to get lots of vitamins into your diet without having too much sugar, something I try to avoid. Limiting sugar I have found to be something which really helps with symptoms from my autoimmune issues.

For berries though make sure to avoid currants which have lots of little seeds inside. I stick to strawberries and blueberries, I love to add them to smoothies, or blend and add to yoghurt.


Cheese is really easy to digest, has lots of good healthy fats and protein. Its also a really easy to snack to have on the road if you’re worried about finding things to eat while you travel.

Green Juice & Smooties

As eating fibre is one of the most difficult things to do with gastroparesis, the best way to get our daily fix of vegetables is to juice or blend them. I make a massive green juice every other week and freeze half.

I stick to juicing dark leafy greens which have the most potassium and magnesium in them such as chard or kale. I avoid fruits in my juices to keep the sugar low and I use lemons and cucumbers to make it taste a bit better.

My green juices do not taste nice but are packed full of all the micronutrients you need. I usually do a quick shot each morning so I can have peace of mind for the rest of the day I have had all the greens I need.

I also have a go-to green smoothie for when my stomach is really bad, you can check that out there. The Ultimate Green Gastroparesis Smootihe.

Lean Meat

If I am going to have some meals I will cook with either chicken or lean minced meats. I did talk earlier about how important having healthy fats in your diet is, however when it comes to meat and animal fats it can be tricky. I have found that more insoluble tough fats on red meat particular difficult. So when I cook I use chicken or lean red meat. I will cook for a LONG time to soften the meat to.

I will also avoid processed meats, like sausages or cheap burgers as they usually have more gristly tougher meats which do not go down well.

If you are struggling to get any of these items into your diet then check out my blog post on Supplements for Gastroparesis or my Ultimate Gastorparesis Smoothie to cover all your nutritional needs.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions let me know in a comment below!