So these are ‘fake food’ I either take daily or when my stomach is really bad to know that I am still getting all the things my body needs.

A Good Multivitamin

I take these most days to cover anything I might have missed in my diet. I avoid any soft gel capsules as the gel part can even get stuck, so I stick to normal tablets.

I like these Eve multivitamins from NOW FOODS, as I have hypothyroidism I like the amount of selenium and other important micronutrients my thyroid might want.

Salts & Hydrations

It’s really easy to get dehydrated when you’re being sick or not eating enough. You can either buy your own rehydration salts, which can be expensive, or I like to make my own.

I use a good quality sea salt and I combine it with some potassium chloride. I stick with equal amounts of each, around 1 teaspoon in about 1-2 litres of water and drink throughout the day. You can add some lemon and mint. I like to add some flavoured Stevia also to make it taste better.

Potassium can easily be depleted in gastroparesis and hard to replace as its largely found in leafy greens, which we can’t eat much of. Plus most potassium supplements give you about 1% of your daily allowance. So I like to buy this NOW FOODS plain potassium salt instead so I can get a larger amount and have some peace of mind.

Protein Powder & Bars

To make sure I don’t lose any weight when I’m stomach is really bad I add a lot of extra protein powder into my diet. I like to use either collagen to whey powder. I found that vegetable protein powder was too hard to keep down.

I will add these to my smoothies or coffee as an easy way to get some simple digestible proteins in my diet and there are some really nice flavours out there. Start with a small scoop and see how your stomach does and you can always add more.

On top, I also love a good protein bar, my favourites are the Aussie Body collagen ones as they are soft and easy to eat. It takes some shopping around to find a good bar you know you can eat well, but I highly recommend it. It’s nice to have something while you out. I love that they are usually low in sugar too but nice and filling and tasty.

Green Powder

It’s so handy that a lot of health food shops and even supermarkets now stock powder greens. So if you don’t have a juicer at home or your travelling this can be a really simple way of getting your daily dose of veggies in. Just add to some water and drink quickly! Or add to your smoothies at home for an extra hit of vitamins. Spirulina is a great one, as it is loaded with magnesium!

Thanks for reading, if you have any supplements you swear by for gastroparesis, please let me know in a comment below!