Hey guys, so when my stomach is really bad this is my go-to meal. It has pretty much everything you need to not only survive but also feel full and have plenty of energy to enjoy your day!

It’s low in sugar, high in protein and healthy fats, loaded with micronutrients too.

I highly recommend a Nutribullet or if you have the money a Vitamix if you have gastroparesis, they will become your best friend! I have a Nutribullet I take everywhere with me.


Add these to your blender and blend till completely smooth, drink and then rest assure your body has everything it needs!

Avocado x 1

The holy grail for us with gastroparesis. Loaded with healthy fats, lots of potassium and magnesium and very low in sugar and carbs.

Berries x 1 Cup

Avoid small currants with lots of seeds that could get stuck and stick to strawberries and blueberries! Berries are loaded with vitamins and are very low in sugar. Plus they taste great.

Frozen Spinach x 1 Cup

Frozen greens are so much easier to blend and breakdown and therefore a lot easier for us to drink without any worry of getting stuck. Spinach is full of iron and other important minerals. Add as much as you want!

Coconut Cream x 1 Cup /
or Coconut Oil x 1 Tablespoon

A lot of doctors seem to recommend avoiding fats, but this has not been true in my case and I think in many others. Some good healthy fats are integral to feeling good and I know as soon as I introduced them back into my diet I had so much more energy. Coconut cream or coconut oil is a great way of getting some easily digestible fats into your diet.
(note coconut cream is thicker and fattier than coconut milk and comes in a tin)

Protein / Collagen Powder x 2 Scoops

Avoid using plant-based protein as I have found it to get stuck and no easy to drink. Instead, use a collagen-based or whey protein as they are much easier to digest. There are some fantastic flavours out there too! Look for unsweetened ones to avoid too much sugar.

Banana or Kiwi x 1

I follow a low carb high-fat diet so I don’t add extra fruit, however, if you want the smoothie to taste better just add a banana or a kiwi fruit. You can also sweeten with some natural Stevia.

Unsweetened Milk of Choice

Fill the blender with your milk of choice, I like to use unsweetened almond milk, again high in protein but low in sugar.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions let me know in a comment below!