Hey guys! So I’ve struggled with my health all my life, from allergies to autoimmune issues. Currently I struggle with Autoimmune Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto Disease) and Gastroparesis.

To help live the best life I can there are few health adjustments I have made over the years. I thought I would share them on here for anyone else who also struggles daily with these issues, see my blog posts below and feel free to pop me a message anytime 🙂

Tips and tricks for people struggling with autoimmune diseases and gastroparesis!

Supplements for Gastroparesis

So these are 'fake food' I either take daily or when my stomach is really bad to know that I ...
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Holy Grail Gastroparesis Foods

So with gastroparesis, there are a lot of foods we can't eat, but over the years I have struggled with ...
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Ultimate Green Gastroparesis Smoothie

Hey guys, so when my stomach is really bad this is my go-to meal. It has pretty much everything you ...
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