A range of testimonials from some of the places my husband and I have worked from around the world in addition to previous clients.

“Becky and Kevin provided a depth of knowledge and ability that made this experience one of the most popular and signed up for of all the 40+ options available to students. Passionate and avid surfers, Kevin and Becky are veteran teachers that know how to gradually and patiently get students confident in the sport of surfing. Their love and desire to share this sport is truly infectious. But most importantly, they know how to do this in a safe and caring environment with teenagers. More importantly—Kevin and Becky made sure that students did not only take away something from this experience but also gave back. It was one of the more innovative formats for service learning that I have seen and the rewards that all students gained was something that as a teacher I rarely see. In short, I would not hesitate to work professionally with Kevin and Becky again. They are extremely well-prepared, connected to a wide array of fellow professionals, and deeply passionate about what they do. Their unique teaching abilities and skill will leave a big hole in our experiential learning program. I hope one day we can find a way to work with them again.”

Rob Ferrin

Senior Teacher at Hong Kong International School

“Becky and Kevin perform all duties with regular guest acknowledgement of excellence. They ensure the highest standards of safety and professionalism. Their strength is customer service. They focus on identifying and meeting customer needs by taking and completing a thorough follow up from pre-arrival all the way till after departure to ensure all the guest’s needs, as well as requests, were looked after.

Their internal guest service is also excellent, they work well with others are able to work efficiently in a team. They quickly build rapport with others, are helpful, warm and friendly with colleagues.

I have no hesitation in recommending them and am sure they will impress and delight your guests, team and management.”

Beatrice Ellis

Executive Assistance Manager at Anantara Hoi An Resort and Spa

“Becky interacts with our guests in a lovely way, she is extremely personable, kind and easy to get on with. Becky also trained up as a volunteer for us and has continued to offer Restorative Yoga sessions for our Guests on a regular basis. This has always been extremely well received by the participants.

Becky has a ready smile and is a hard worker. She was happy to do any job we asked her (and they can be extremely varied here!) and always completed it to a high standard. She is extremely capable and has plenty of initiative.”

Suzi Allen

Founder of Taranaki Retreat

”I can think of no one more patient, competent, and caring than Kevin and Becky to teach and work with surfers or in the water in general.  I have seen them be completely flexible teaching every age and every ability including Autistic, ADHD, PTSD, emotional/behavioural disorders, etc. In addition, they have worked with our kids who are afraid of water, or who need attention in other areas, and they have been beyond successful.

The kids who worked with Kevin and Becky not only got surf coaches but life coaches.

With Kevin and Becky, you get safe, educated and organized professionals. There is a stereotype that surfers are not that way! But I have found the complete opposite in this couple who are devoted to sharing their love of the sport in the safest and most enjoyable way possible. It is also significant to mention that they follow best practices of working with children in the water, and are trusted, and respected regarding their students’ general wellbeing.”

Kate Rowan

Founding Director of Recognize International Academy

“Kevin and Becky are a dynamic and amazing pair, working together to put on surf events that kids love and that leave parents feeling excited and safe. Having trusted not only my own kids but also my students, to their care, I have experienced what they bring to lessons, day camps and long term youth development camps.

The fact that they travel internationally to undertake advanced first aid and outdoor training professional development is testament to their professionalism. Over their time in Hong Kong they have worked together to build not only a surf business, but also a vibrant and open community of surfers, which is quite unique in Hong Kong, and, I suspect, far beyond.”

Ross Parker

Director of Technology & Assessment at International College Hong Kong

“Liquid Therapy and my good self have had the pleasure of working with both Becky and Kevin in both Ireland and Hong Kong. Their ability to tirelessly put others first and continually deliver an amazing experience for all involved knows no end.  

In our three years of bringing Liquid Therapy to Hong Kong as a team, we were able to provide experiences for so many young people with disabilities that will never be forgotten. They have become best friends to the foundation and the team.”

Tom Losey

Founder of Liquid Therapy

Becky has been a part of the Othona Community for many years and has worked here as a long term volunteer. She has contributed to the community in multiple ways during her time here including in the development of promotional materials such as graphics and written content for informational brochures for guests and visiting groups. She has also contributed to the community using practical skills most notably in the kitchen.

She has made an important contribution to our work with schools using her gifts and experience to help with the organisation of school visits and with the delivery of the programme. Most recently she ran successful and well-received workshops on sustainability with a visiting school group. She helped students to find their own solutions to problems they had identified in their local communities and schools.

Becky is an intelligent, resourceful and dedicated person who I would unhesitatingly recommend.”

Dr Deborah Sanders

Othona Community Leadership Team

Becky brings huge enthusiasm and a rare subset of skills to her students, encouraging those with learning difficulties to find unique ways to retain the knowledge needed to cope with the academic requirements set by their schools.

She has worked with children with processing disorders such as dyslexia, children on the autistic spectrum and also teenagers with social anxiety. In each case, Becky has adopted an approach that has enabled the students to use technological solutions to note-taking and memorisation, whilst teaching with such verve that the students have wanted to learn more.

I can’t think of a more innovative tutor and believe that her success with each student genuinely comes from her desire to help them achieve their best. While a lot of teachers may voice this as a goal, it is uncommon to find one who so consistently achieves it as a result.

Liz Gower

Manager of AMG Tutorial Centre

Customer Reviews

“They came back exhausted but so happy. [our son] even told me that he didnt want to come back, he wanted to stay longer! As [our daughter] is more talkative, we had all the details of these 3 days. We laughed a lot when she told us about the games you did. I wish I could be their age again… Thanks a lot for taking good care of them” – Estera , Macau

“Thanks for having them, and for making them wash the dishes which they continued to do upon their return” – Nicola, Hong Kong

“I just wanted to let you know that [our daughters] had the best time this week. They have not stopped talking about it and are very keen to do it all again as soon as possible.”  – Alison, Hong Kong

Thank you guys for organizing such a great camp experience.  The first thing [my son] said when he stepped off the bus is: “Can I go again next year?” – Catherine, Hong Kong

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